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In India teacher's day is celebrated on every year on 5th of September. 5th September is the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, who was a well known diplomat, scholar, teacher and President of India. Teacher's Day is marked as a tribute to all teacher's.

Sweet history of Teacher's day:

On 5th of September, after he becoming president of India on his birthday all of his family and friends asked him to celebrate his birthday to which Dr. Radhakrishnan replied if you want to celebrate this day then celebrate it as a teacher's day. Hence, this day is marked as a special day for teacher's in India. Teacher's play a very important part in every child's life. They teach us and share knowledge of lives and moulds to what we are today. Every year all students look forward for celebrating this day and felicitate their teacher's and show them their value in their life.

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Teachers Day
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Teachers Day
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Teachers Day Gifts

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